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[edit] Installing the plugin

  1. From the Eclipse "Help" menu, select "Install New Software..."
  2. Enter the URL (either in "Work with" or by adding a repository).
  3. Check the box next to the "Chunk Templates" category and click "Next."
  4. Agree to the license terms, and click "OK" if you see a warning about the plugin not being signed.
  5. Finish and restart Eclipse.
  6. In Eclipse Preferences, find settings panel for File Associations. Should be in
    • General -> Editors -> File Associations
  7. Click the Add... button and add *.chtml
    • Select *.chtml and click the other "Add..." button down by the "Associated Editors" list below.
    • From the list of "Internal Editors" (make sure "External Programs" is not checked), scroll down and select
      • "HTML Chunk Template Editor"
  8. Repeat step 5 for *.cxml (and whatever other extensions you wish to use for your templates).
  9. (Optional) Add "Chunk Template Editor" to the list of available editors for *.html files. Personally I make it the default but of course this is up to you.

Hooray! Syntax highlighting! Outline view!

[edit] Bonus: Snippet Hyperlinks

Template references are hyperlinked! Cmd-click any template reference to jump to that snippet's definition.

And from within your java code, right-click a template name anywhere in your code and select "Open Snippet" to jump to the definition. Known bug: if your project contains multiple templates with the same name it will just jump to the first filename match.

[edit] UTF-8

The Chunk template engine, as of 1.5, assumes that your templates use charset UTF-8. If you use any accented or unusual characters in your templates or in your locale csv files, I strongly recommend to Eclipse users that you set your workspace default charset to UTF-8.

Eclipse -> Preferences -> General -> Workspace -> Text file encoding -> UTF-8
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